Guest author: Georgia L. Jones

The Nerds have turned over the blog today to author Georgia L. Jones! She’s talking about her Remnants of Life series and we’re happy to be part of her virtual tour! 

GeorgiaJonesTourBadgeI have always enjoyed reading, especially in the fantasy genre.  I have also always enjoyed writing. When I began Legends of Darkness back in early 2010 I really wasn’t intending on it becoming a series book.  I have read a lot of series books and enjoy them, but I didn’t start the series with those intentions in mind.  I had been thinking of the concept of Legends for about a year before I began writing it.  I was working through the details of finding something fresh.  I was actually bored with same old concept of vampires and wanted to spin it on its ear.  I wanted to find something that would be as shocking and different as Bram Stokers Dracula was back in 1897.  I just wanted a fresh concept and an explanation for why they are considered to be evil.  Once I found my beginning I began writing.

Legends begin with just an average woman who dies in an unfortunate accident.  She leaves behind a life of family and friends.  She is thrown into an afterlife where she becomes Samoda, a Warrior in the army of Nuem.  She is not only a Warrior but destined to become a leader in this army.  Through her struggles with the afterlife, we learn many things about the species that she has become and about the hierarchy of all the species that exist in the Remnants of Life stories.  The Warriors have been on earth since before humans existed. They were made to destroy evil, it is innate to them and they really can’t help it.    I intertwine the story of the Warriors with legends of vampires.  I mix it up a little and make Vlad Tepes a really bad guy.  In Legends he fell in love with one of the Warriors and when she denied him, he became filled with vengeance towards all of them.  He began to do horrible things and blame it on them.  He falsely accused them of being evil vampires that were nothing more than blood sucking killers.  When this happened they began to stay away from humans as much as possible.  I have created the Warriors as “Dangerous Saviors”. ..They are here to protect the world from demons that continuously plot to take over the human race and sometimes really evil humans just get in their path and they can’t help but destroy them as well.

Witches, the second book in the Remnants series, launched on December 1, 2012.  It is a Witches_1200X800continuation of the story, but from the perspective of a seemingly human woman, Kali Rose Marriott. Her life becomes entangled with the Warriors and well…all hell breaks loose.  In Witches, I get a little more involved in world building as I being to really take on theria and Vicus, which are the two places that the other species reside when they are not here either saving the humans or trying to annihilate them.

I had originally anticipated the Remnants of Life Series to be five books in all. However, I have decided to shorten the series to a trilogy. I am currently working on the third book in the series. As I said earlier when I began writing Legends, I did not know it would become a series book. As I worked on Legends, it evolved not only in my mind but on paper. I began outlining the whole series as I wrote the first book. Some of the storylines have varied a little from the beginning outline, but for the most part it has stayed on course with that original outline. In light of vampires being used so much in books today, I believe the Remnants series gives a completely fresh idea to the concept.

I’m always glad to get feedback from fans. Please visit WWW.WORDSMITHGLJONES.COM to learn more about me and my writing.

May Reading Challenge


The May Reading Challenge is to allow your significant other to choose a book for the month and agree to read it.

A significant other can be a very good friend (like your bestie) or your life partner (like your spouse).

I have my book started, and it’s one that I never thought I’d find myself reading. I’ll wait til the end of the month to share my thoughts on It.

What book would you recommend to your significant other to read?

April 2016 Reading Challenge Report Card

The challenge for April was to re-read a book you’d been meaning to for a while and just hadn’t gotten to yet. (That’s a poor sentence. Whatever.)

Here’s how we did.

gentlemenBethany: Gentleman and Players, Joanne Harris. I read this one a decade ago before Word Nerds had started, so I’ve never blogged about it. I suspect in another 10 years, I’ll reread it again. It’s just that good. Also, I may have goofed up the August challenge (read a book set in a school) with picking this in April for my re-read. The bottom line is its a great story about revenge set at all-boys school in England. Rife with chess motifs, it’s also a story about perspective. Harris switches seemlessly between two first person narrators, old Latin teacher Roy Straitley and the Revenger. (Yes, I know that’s not a word.) I can’t say who that is without giving away the book’s twist, which, after 10 years, I only half-remembered. If you need a book for the August challenge, take this recommendation with my two-thumbs way up.


Stacie: image

I read Eragon by Christopher Paloni which had been on my re-read list since the fourth and final book in the series came out back in 2011. At the time, life was full of little kids, my own school program and re-read the first three books of the trilogy in order to read the final book just never happened.

Life is still full but the kids are older and I’m not in school any more. Eragon was as good to re-read as I remember it the first go round but there was stuff I didn’t remember, like the death of a pivotal character and the secret of another one. I’m pretty excited to see where book two is going to take me. After I finish the May reading challenge book. More on that tomorrow.

Weekend Shenanigans

Basically, a catch phrase for so many aspects of life.


Book Banter: Pines

pinesTitle: Pines (Wayward Pines #1)

Author: Blake Crouch

Length: ~300 pages

Genre: Thriller

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Secret Service agent Ethan Burke wakes up in the small town of Wayward Pines, struggling to remember how he got there and what he’s supposed to do. As he fumbles through, the town gets weirder and Burke finds that leaving might not just be hard, it could be impossible.

Banter Points: I’d heard a lot about this series from my friends in the mystery community. FOX also turned it into some kind of TV mini-series event, so I decided to give it a try.

The hook/set-up for the book was great. I was drawn in and feeling off-base like Ethan was, which I suspect was the idea.

Bummer Points: Crouch has a writing style of using short sentences. Like this. In short paragraphs.
Over and over.
To build tension.
It got old.

Lee Child does this trick in the Reacher books. In short bursts, it’s really effective for building tension and moving things along. But Crouch, in my opinion, relied on it far too heavily.The problem was, by the end of the book, I was skimming more than reading because these short sentences didn’t hold my attention. When he finally got to the big, major, plot twist I almost missed it.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Stacie asked me what I thought of the book and my answer was, “I loved it, then I hated it, then I decided it was OK at the end.” I’ve got book two on hold from the library because I’m interested enough to finish it.

Tuesday Problems


I’m really glad to see that dialogue like this doesn’t just occur in my head or between Bethany and I during writing sessions when we are hashing out the best way to solve guy problems.  Of course now that she is married, her guy problems are always the fictional kind.

Editing with Pets

editing with pets.jpg

I found this on Twitter, so I don’t know whose image it really is, but I love it. If it’s yours, let the Word Nerds know and we’ll give you all the credit.

For those of you who don’t have pets to interfere with your writing time, consider yourself lucky. Beyond red pens and thumbs, most of the time, their “help” actually looks more like this:

gat edit

Back from Mine

I was on hiatus last weekend and took some much needed vacation time from work. Although it wasn’t filled with spa trips, it was time spent with some of my favorite people.



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