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Maybe another day, kitty cat.  Today, I’m behind schedule.jpghitting the new stuff and running with it.

Book Banter: Brokedown Palace

brokedownTitle: Brokedown Palace

Author: Steven Brust

Length: 351 pages

Genre: fantasy/myth/fable

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: The palace of the kingdom of Fenario has stood for hundreds of years. Now, King Laszlo and his three brothers are the heirs of the palace and all its trouble. To keep the kingdom standing, each brother will have to face realities of place and person and what it means to grown.

Banter Points: I love Brust’s Vlad Taltos series but had never read his standalone myth novel set in the East (where Vlad is from.) It does standalone from that storyline, though there are a few nice things to know about the world from Vlad’s tales.

This cautionary tale from the East isn’t peppered with the smart remarks that characterize the Vlad books. Rather, it’s a rambling story within stories, all told to make a point.

Bummer Points: This is a fairly heady book. It doesn’t read like a straight-up adventure book and I suspect it needs at least a second reading to get Brust’s true point. The problem is, I’m not sure it’s worth the time to do that.

Word Nerd Recommendation: You don’t have to read this book to thoroughly enjoy the Vlad series. I’m glad I did read it, but it was very much not what I was expecting. Die-hard fans could get into it.

Holiday Boycott

I am fairly Anti-Holiday as it seems to mostly promote record breaking sales numbers. However, tomorrow is Sweetest Day, and picking someone to survive the holiday with is easy.

2016 Q3 Reading Stats

My third quarter was a strange reading time. July and August were fairly good months and then I finished only five books in September.

Here’s the overall stats:

Books: 18
Pages: 5334
Audio hours: 39.75

I spent a good chunk of August reading Robin Hobb’s massive “Fool’s Fate” which was a whopping 941 pages. Under normal circumstances, that’s at least two books or close to three of average length.

I’ve got two books that I’ll finish early in October so that might be part of the down numbers, just a matter of timing. Maybe.

I’m at 61 books for the year which should keep me on track for making my 80 books in the year goal if I don’t slack off.


Sad eyes


What’s that? It’s Monday again?

Hutchmoot 2016

This Word Nerd is unplugging for a few days, leaving the hubby at home and packing her bags for Hutchmoot.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it next week.

Studying Nerd

I promise, not every post is going to be about the studies I’m undertaking to become a Licensed Customs Broker, but seriously, it’s too good not to share.

At one point in my life I really wanted to become a lawyer. Now, twenty some years later, I know that my first year of college self had no idea what I was thinking or practically speaking, what a lawyer does outside of what one sees in movies and John Grisham novels. This study course however, has me diving into the Code of Federal Regulations, reading tantalizing bits like this:

19 CFR 101.1 Definitons:

Entry or withdrawal for consumption. “Entry or withdrawal for consumption” means entry for consumption or withdrawal from warehouse for consumption.

It’s like reading Charles Dickens who got paid per word (I just may be the only English Lit major with a hatred for Charles Dickens) only in the legal world everything needs to be defined unless someone slightly misunderstand your intent.

And it’s not pay per word serials that rule the day but billable hours.

See that English Lit degree can pay off.

See also, stack of study material that is now my non-working life: