Review Guidelines

Guest Posts/Q&As
The Word Nerds feature guest posts or Q&A with authors at least twice a month. Our guest authors tend to write books that meet our review criteria (keep reading) but that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. We love to participate in blog tours for new books and debut authors. Email wordnerdreviews {at} gmail {dot} com for open guest post dates.

Requests for reviews
Please send all review requests to wordnerdreviews {at} gmail {dot} com. Based on the guidelines, if you think one of the Nerds is more suited to your book than the other, please mention in it your request. If no review request is made, we’ll hash it out between ourselves using one of the following methods: polite conversation, rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock or a dance-off.

We accept both paper and electronic review copies (ePub and/or Kindle files). If sending a paper review copy, please confirm the correct shipping address with the reviewer. We’re in different places and have not yet mastered Apparition, so swapping things is complicated.

Review status
We love reviewing books. Sometimes though, just like going through a buffet line, we take more than we can realistically read and will not accept new titles for review for a time.

Current Status: Limited availability for reviews during winter 2015-16.

Acceptance policy

Acceptance of a book  does not guarantee a review will be published. If a book is reviewed, it will be done so honestly.

The Word Nerds do not accept payment for reviews. Additionally, any gifts sent will donated to a charitable organization of our choosing. (Review copies of books, including ARCs or final versions, are not subject to the gift policy.)

Once a title has been reviewed, the following may happen to the review copy:

  • added to personal collection for rereading and/or lending to friends
  • used as a promotional giveaway on the blog
  • donated to a charitable organization
  • recycled

What we review
The Word Nerds are eclectic readers and reviews are not limited to any specific genres or age group. However, like most readers we have preferences. The Word Nerds do not review any erotic fiction.

Likes: procedural mysteries, thrillers, urban fantasy (with or without vampires), YA, literary fiction, sword-and-sorcery fantasy, science fiction, graphic novels

Dislikes: Fantasy books with glossaries, prevalent violence committed by/on youth, excessive swearing


Likes: women’s fiction, urban fantasy, some mysteries, some steampunk

Dislikes: literary fiction

Self-published book reviews
We primarily review books from authors published by any major or independent house. E-book only titles are acceptable. However, self-published titles have been accepted for review on a limited basis. The following criteria will help determine if your self-published book make it over our reviewing transom:

1. It fits the profile of books we like

2. The author has publishing credits in other formats (short story anthologies, articles in reputable magazines and newspapers, etc.)


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