2017 Best Discovered Author

It’s time once again for the Word Nerds annual awards — dubious distinctions at best, seeing as how they come with no fame or fortune or anything edible even. Nevertheless, we award them.

One of the long-standing Word Nerds awards is “Best Discovered Author.” It’s always fun to pass along a writer’s whole works who we’ve really enjoyed finding this year.

Stacie’s Pick: 

Gary Taube.  I read “Why We Get Fat” after I saw my sister checking it out from the library multiple times over a nine month period.  What kept me reading it was how Taube relays the science behind how our bodies work, without pushing any specific diet or nutrition program.  Instead, Taube lays out various studies and how they impact our bodies.  His approach is unbiased and points to places were the data is contradictory or inconclusive as well.  This is the author of the year for me because of the impact it has on my critical thinking skills about  food, nutrition, and the type of information that is available to us.

Bethany’s Pick: 

Ben Aaronovitch. I’ve read all six of his Peter Grant books this year and I’ve gotten both my husband and my assistant at work to do the same thing because they are such a great mix of magic and police work.

The Peter Grant books were blurbed by somebody as “Harry Potter meets CSI” and I can’t come up with a better descriptor. Peter’s learning magic in the midst of an excellent police procedural topped with a heaping dose of British wit. Aaronovitch has also managed to write individual cases that link together in unsuspecting ways.

Usually, when I find a series that’s already six books long, it will take me a two- or three years to get through them all. Not so here. I’m ready to start again and the year’s not up.


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