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2017 Q3 Reading Stats

I was nothing in the last quarter if not consistent.

Seven books each month, though July and September each included at least two audio books.

bar graph

Here’s how Q3 stacked up:

21 books
4673 pages
56.75 hours of audio books

In this quarter, I read five of the six books from winners and finalists of the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award and got through my first (and likely only) Charles Dickens novel.

Now that the Award is over and winners have been named, I’ll probably Book Banter some of my favorites because there are some great reads in that bunch.

With the Award (and the required reading done), I’m bingeing on all kinds of urban fantasy things — more Rachel Caine, Ben Aaronovitch and relative newcomer Kat Howard.

I’ve already hit my Goodreads goal of 52 books for the year, so everything from here on out is gravy!


2017 Q2 Reading Stats

I crunched my Q2 stats a while back, but somehow July was not conducive to blogging in the slightest.

Better late than never on the numbers:

21 books
5329 pages
54.6 hours of audio

YTD, I’m at 40 books, which is three less than 2016. Adding in July, I’m nearly to my 52 books for the year/Goodreads goal. Guess I set that too low…

For this year though, I am doing really well in audio. I’ve listened to nearly 100 hours total, when at this point in 2016 I was at just over 62.

Don’t tell work, but sometimes I listen to audiobooks there.

Q1 2017 Reading Stats

Reading seems to be right on track this year. I’m well-ahead on my goal to read 52 books for the year, but it’s still nice to not have a pressing goal, like I did last year.

Q1 Stats:

19 books

4248 pages

44 hours of audio

Interestingly, I’m right on track with where I was last year. In 2015, I was at 21 books in Q1 and in 2014, I was at 29 books. I read 11 of those in January 2014, including LOTR: Return of the King. Truth, I hadn’t quite yet met my now-husband in those days, so that accounts for a lot, along with the fact that I was in a groove then of reading graphic novels.

Since I began keeping this list 15 years ago now, the running total for number of books read is 1,288.

2016 Q3 Reading Stats

My third quarter was a strange reading time. July and August were fairly good months and then I finished only five books in September.

Here’s the overall stats:

Books: 18
Pages: 5334
Audio hours: 39.75

I spent a good chunk of August reading Robin Hobb’s massive “Fool’s Fate” which was a whopping 941 pages. Under normal circumstances, that’s at least two books or close to three of average length.

I’ve got two books that I’ll finish early in October so that might be part of the down numbers, just a matter of timing. Maybe.

I’m at 61 books for the year which should keep me on track for making my 80 books in the year goal if I don’t slack off.


2016 Q2 Reading Stats

quartilesI realized Q2 is over, which means it’s time for some reading stats.

Total books: 24

Total pages: 5,584

Total hours audio: 37.5

April and May have been my two biggest months for books this year for total pages (April, 2075) and total books (May, 9). This also probably explains why my yard and flowerbeds are still such a disaster at this point of the summer because I clearly spent the spring reading.

I’m two books ahead for the total year than I was at this point last year (43 to 41), but I’m reading fewer pages (by about 1,000). I did reread a bunch of Nick Bantock books this spring which ups the total books count, but doesn’t do much for page count.

Goodreads says I’m 4 books ahead on my goal of 80 books for the year. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to exceed that by much more. I also hope I don’t fall behind with some longer books I’ve got on tap for this late summer.

Happy reading through Q3-Q4!


2016 Q1 Reading Stats

The Nerds are both data geeks, which is why we continue to post our reading stats, even though we’re not sure anyone cares but us.

My start to 2016 is pretty solid for this year, especially as I’m trying to figure out how reading fits into married life. (Thank goodness for video games, so we can both spend time doing our things.)

Q1 2016: 
19 books
5210 pages
24.75 hours of audio book

Since I’ve been keeping quarterly stats, my best Q1 was two years ago with 29 total books. Just to put that in perspective, that number involves five or six graphic novels, all three Divergent books (which I read in about one day each) and a couple cheesy, early Nora Roberts romances that also read very fast.

According to Goodreads, I’m one book behind schedule for being on track to hit 80 books for the year. There are a couple places I expect I’ll make one up through the year, so I’m hoping I can still beat that number overall.

Q3 2015 Reading Stats

It’s hard to believe that we’re three-quarters of the way through this year, but that’s what the calendars says!

Here’s the look at my Q3 2015 reading stats:

19 books

4482 pages

26 hours audio


60 books

16070 pages

Year over year, I am down quite a lot. Last year, I topped 100 books total. This year, I’m on pace to hit 75, only 3/4ths of that total. I suppose it’s fair to blame the wedding planning or the fact that I am no longer spending the majority of my evenings alone with no one for comfort but a fickle cat and fictional friends.

Q2 Reading Stats

Stacie shared Tuesday about her second quarter reading stats. She posted way more interesting data, but here’s my rough look at Q2 and YTD reading.

Q2suitcase books
20 books/41 books
5616 pages
38 hours of audio

Q2 involved several massive books for me, including “Midnight’s Children” for book club and a 662-page Robin Hobb fantasy novel. Both took me better than a week to read, even when on vacation. (Sorry, I don’t really want to read when I can be out doing things on vacay and I managed for once to sleep on the planes to and from.)

Now that the summer heat is starting to settle in, I suspect reading will increase a bit in July and August. Just like when it’s cold out, when it gets hot and humid, I only want to stay inside (huzzah for AC!) and read books.

2014 Reading Stats

My total for 2014 is either 101, according to my written list, or 104 according to GoodReads. Invariably, something got missed or double-counted, but it’s OK.

The year included 14 audio books and only one graphic novel. Given that my 2013 list included a lot of graphic novels, I guess I actually read more novels this year. Total page count bears this out with 28,515 for 2014 and only 27K some words in 2013, despite the greater number of books.

Given the holidays in November and December and busy times at work, my normal reading times got used up with other things. November was only 7 books and December a mere 6.

Since starting the books list in March 2002, my grand total for books read at the end of December 2014 is 1,111. There is something about that number ending a year that pleases me immensely.

A friend has encouraged me to start tracking hours spent on audio books and the data geek in me might just do that.

The goal for 2015 is 90 books. That feels big for this year, but we’ll see!

Bibliometer Q3 2014

Stacie reminded me on Tuesday that Q3 is complete and that it was time to check in with my reading stats too.

For Q3, I read 26 books, for a total of 7,885 pages. September managed to be a huge month with nine book and 2,680 pages (thanks to Robin Hobb’s massive 757 page “Assassin’s Quest”).

Year-to-date, I’m at 78 books, for a total of 22,466 pages.

I set my reading goal for the year at 90. Adding in October’s books already, Goodreads says I’m at 85 but I’m having a math issue here because I’ve only read 5 for October and these figures don’t track. Somewhere I probably forgot to write something down. (I have corrupt data!!)

Whether my total is really 83 or 85 at this point, I should still cross the 100 book mark in December. I crossed 100 books last year with a whopping 20-some graphic novels in the list. This year, I’ve read a whole a grant total of three graphic novels, so this year’s total page count should be substantively higher than in 2013.