Book Banter: Two Kinds of Truth

truthTitle: Two Kinds of Truth (Harry Bosch #22)

Author: Michael Connelly

Length: 402 pages

Genre: mystery

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Harry Bosch is still working as a part-time detective for the San Fernando Police Department after LAPD forced him into retirement. But when two detectives — including his old partner Lucia Soto — come visit him, they bring bad news. A 30 year old case that sent a man to death row is being reopened for new DNA evidence that may show Bosch put the wrong man away. A Bosch works to prove his had the right guy, a double homicide in San Fernando sends him into the opioid crisis.

Banter Points: The plot is great. Connelly takes on current criminal problems like the opioid epidemic with Bosch’s usual care for the underdog. There are some appearances by other characters Bosch readers will know and that was kind of fun.

Bummer Points: I feel like Connelly is on auto-pilot for Bosch’s actual character. He didn’t really change during this story. Also, the books seem driven mostly by the procedural elements and not the people anymore. Maybe it’s the fault of all the CSI shows on TV, but sometimes the story gets bogged down in technical stuff.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Way better than his new series with Renee Ballard and probably still enjoyable for a long-time Bosch reader, but if you’re looking to jump in, go back to the beginning!


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