2015 Reading Challenge

Join the Word Nerds in our 2015 Reading Challenge! We’re stretching ourselves as readers this year and invite you to participate with us.

January: A Russian master

February: Reread your favorite childhood book that had chapters

March: A 2014 Prize Winner (Pulitzer, ManBooker, Edgar, Anthony, Shamus, Hugo, Indiana Authors Award, Minnesota Book Award, Word Nerds Best Of, etc.)

April: A book you were given or bought for yourself but have never gotten around to reading

May: A Shakespeare play

June: A book adapted to be a movie or TV show

July: A best-selling book published in the year you were born

August: A book not written originally in English

September: A free Kindle book. Don’t have a kindle? Let a friend pick a book for you, mostly at random.

October: A spookier book than you would normally pick up. If you love horror, read a romance instead.

November: A work of non-fiction

December: The debut work of an author published in 2015

Because debut works happen all the time, here’s a list of things out in 2015 that are catching our attention, and y’know, so we remember them.

  • The Cost of all Things, Maggie Lehrman
  • Bigger, Aaron Brown
  • The Unquiet Dead, Ausma Kahn
  • No Parking at the End Times, Bryan Bliss
  • Concrete Angel, Patricia Abbott

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