2016 Reading Challenge

January: A cold book. Maybe that means “Smilla’s Sense of Snow” or “In Cold Blood” or something else more metaphorical, like a book you have cold feelings toward. You decide.

February: A 2015 Award Winner (You pick the award: Man Booker, Pulitzer, Minnesota Book, Indiana Authors Award, Edgar, Anthony, Hugo, Word Nerds Top 10, etc.)

March: A book set in Ireland, or by an Irish author/poet.

April: A book you’ve always meant to re-read and haven’t yet

May: Read the favorite book of your significant other or your best friend (or one from their all-time top list)

June: A book you’ve been given or bought for yourself that you haven’t read yet (we’re repeating this one from 2015 because we have so many that fit this category!)

July: A hot book. Like with cold books, you decide how to interpret this. Hot can be temperature, or metaphor for the latest best-seller or that steamy romance novel.

August: A book set in a school. Magical schools are OK.

September: A book with a blue cover.

October: The annual spooky book pick.

November: A collection of short stories. You pick if it’s a collection from one author or an anthology from multiple people.

December: A 2016 debut novelist’s book

To help with December’s challenge, we’ll keep a list of debut novels we know of that seem awesome.

  • The Gallery of Lost Species, Nina Berkhout
  • The Good Liar, Nicholas Searle
  • Mrs. Houdini, Victoria Kelly
  • Curiodity, Paul Jenkins

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