Reading Challenge: February Invitation

We are one month into the 2016 Reading Challenge.  The Word Nerds challenge you to finish a book in February that is a 2015 Award Winner (You pick the award: Man Booker, Pulitzer, Minnesota Book, Indiana Authors Award, Edgar, Anthony, Hugo, Word Nerds Top 10, etc.).

The challenge is two-fold:

  • One, complete the book.
  • Two, select a book that is outside of your typical read.

According to PewResearch Center, fewer Americans are reading (regardless of format):


Seven-in-ten American adults (72%) have read a book within the past year, whether in whole or in part and in any format, according to a survey conducted in March and April. That figure has fallen from 79% who said in 2011 they had read a book in the previous year, but is statistically in line with survey findings starting in 2012.

The Word Nerds are definitely outliers that skew the following results, as we both read more than 75 books a year.  Join the challenge and be part of the 72% that reads at least 1 book a year.


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