Q2 Reading Stats

Stacie shared Tuesday about her second quarter reading stats. She posted way more interesting data, but here’s my rough look at Q2 and YTD reading.

Q2suitcase books
20 books/41 books
5616 pages
38 hours of audio

Q2 involved several massive books for me, including “Midnight’s Children” for book club and a 662-page Robin Hobb fantasy novel. Both took me better than a week to read, even when on vacation. (Sorry, I don’t really want to read when I can be out doing things on vacay and I managed for once to sleep on the planes to and from.)

Now that the summer heat is starting to settle in, I suspect reading will increase a bit in July and August. Just like when it’s cold out, when it gets hot and humid, I only want to stay inside (huzzah for AC!) and read books.


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