Camping Update

tent on mountainAt the start of May, I declared that I was camping.

Now that it’s June, I have (somewhat) come in from the wilderness, so I thought a status report was in order.

According to my stats on, I wrote 27 of 31 days in the month, missing Sundays, primarily. It is a day of rest and all that. My word count total was 21226. There are several days that need majorly edited or possibly even deleted entirely. (That whole courtroom scene — what was that?)

I’m mostly a pantser writer (my outline is a rough list of plot points to reach in some varying order). I crossed several off and made one huge unexpected discovery that sat so well with everything I’d set up. By adding a mere two lines of dialogue in an earlier scene and it hangs together and be (I hope) one of those twists that the reader feels satisfied by — not out of left field, but not hugely predictable either.

I’m still writing this month, determined to finish this draft by the end of June. The camping group is reassembling in July and I’m grateful. I will need encouragement through the Swamp of Revisions, the next door neighbor of the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Still, if you’re having trouble getting your muse in gear, find yourself from friends and make a group. It really helps to have the accountability.


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