Soda or Pop

I’ll never forget the first time my now 9 year old was offered a Pop.

“A what?” he replied to the offerer.

“A Sprite or an orange pop.  Your mom needs to say it’s okay.”  The adult here though that perhaps I didn’t give my four year old soda (or maybe he was five. Definitely early in life.)

“Oh, Aunt Michelle,” he said, “You mean soda.”

Yep.  I am the proud parent of that kid.

But he has a good point.  I grew up calling it pop because I lived in South Dakota during elementary school.  In high school, I went to a boarding school in Wisconsin, and started calling it soda.

So maps like this one fascinate me.  Even better?  Go here and have fun with your city and favorite words:


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3 thoughts on “Soda or Pop

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    Hmmm, that white blob in the middle of Central Indiana makes it looks like we don’t drink the stuff. Alas, such is not the case. Maybe it’s white because I hear all soda, pop and coke around here?

  2. scribejay says:

    See that little line of pink winding its way from Lake Michigan to the Illinois/Missouri border? Yep, I grew up on that “soda line.”

  3. You can actually go to the original data and maps here:

    Then pull up Indianapolis. Heck, Oshkosh is on the list too. Be careful though cos you can spend way too much time having fun looking at it.

    Or was that just me? 🙂

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