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My March brackets

If you want a post about basketball picks, this isn’t it.

This is the post where I declare my love for geeky brackets like The Morning News’ Tournament of Books and WHYY’s NPR v. PBS bracket. For people who like actual brackets, they’ve got them for both: Tournament of Books¬†and Public Media.pbsmadness_brackets

I stumbled on ToB last year because of work. John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars was in the running. Since Mr. Green was the 2012 Indiana Authors Award National Author winner, I was keeping tabs on the competition to follow his tournament bid. (He didn’t win).

But along the way, I read a lot of great reviews of other books.

The ToB last year didn’t really inspire me to ever pick up any of the titles. The winner was a book about North Korea and I will admit to being an escapist reader to the point where a book like that sounded too… much.

I can’t promise I’ll read this year’s winner… depends on what it is. “Life After Life” is in the tournament, as is “Eleanor & Park.” “Eleanor & Park” is in my library hold list and the concept of “Life” intrigues me. My prediction is that E&P won’t do well… try a first-round elimination. It’s no TFiOS, from what I’ve gleaned online.

Thanks to @NPRGenListen, I found WHYY’s Public Media Persona bracket which pits PBS regulars (Bert and Ernie, the Dowager Countess and Mister Rogers, etc) and NPR regulars (Garrison Keillor, Click and Click and Scott Simon, etc). On the NPR side, Scott Simon, Peter Sagal and Kai Ryssdal all have good Twitter followings, so that could definitely sway things to their advantage. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the three of them up against the Dowager in the finals. Nostalgia could sway the PBS side though, with entrants like Lawrence Welk and Carl Sagan. And then there’s wild card Bob Ross.

These brackets are my childhood and my morning/evening listening pitted against each other, really. While other cheer on basketball teams, I’ll be cheering on these brackets.