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Reading Challenge: March 2017

March was a tough challenge month for both Word Nerds.  The challenge was a “Best Books before…<insert your age here>.” One of the Word Nerds has a milestone birthday this year. We liked the list from here:

Each chalks up a DNF, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for “Must Read” book lists for either of us…Read on for more details.

download.jpgStacie’s Pick:  I selected Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  A friend loaned me a copy and a few days later, the audio version from the library showed up as well.  It was a win all around…until it was time to read the book.  I really liked the style of the author and the narrator, but given the already heavy brain work I was doing in order to pass the exam (results in 5-7 weeks time) I couldn’t absorb this book.  I need time to pause, reflect, and process against my own journey.

I’m starting to recognize a pattern for myself with books like this.  I put them down to think about them, and don’t always pick them up.  I definitely read for entertainment, primarily, and thoughtful books like this are always good, but take me time to actually finish in a way that applies them to my life (I’m still working on the January Reading Challenge book, which was along these lines as well.)

Bethany’s Pick: Mine was a DNF. Technically, a DNS (Did Not Start.) All the books on the list seemed so heavy and I was not in a place for a heavy book. I checked out Ann Patchett’s “State of Wonder” with the best intent… but I took it back unread.


2016 in books

I made my 2016 reading goal with a whopping day to spare.

Thanks to Goodreads — it crunched a lot of my stats for me — here’s my year in books.

80 books

20,964 pages

126 hours of audio book

Shortest Book: Griffin and Sabine, 46 pages

Longest Book: Fool’s Fate, 914 pages

Most popular book read: City of Bones (read by 1,698,465 others)

Least popular book read: High School Runner: Freshman (read by 38 others, which is too bad, because this one is fun)

Average book length: 328 pages

In the past five years, I’ve read just shy of 150,000 pages.

Since I’ve started counting all my books in 2002, I’ve read 1,269 total books.

2016 Reading Goals

I’m on my last reading challenge book for the year and then I have to get through one additional title to make my goal for the year. reading-goals

I set 80 as my goal for 2016 and it’s been a push especially here at the end to make it.

I thought 80 would be achievable since I got through 75 books last year while planning a wedding. Surely, I thought, five more would not be that challenging.

Yeah. Ha.

Several things changed:

  1. We commute together so even though my commute was already short, it cut out a chunk of audiobook time.
  2. In the evenings, there’s this other person to do things with. This is not a bad thing in the slightest, but it was just a reality that while I knew, I didn’t know. 
  3. I read during my lunch hours at work and with increased job responsibilities and more times of needing to take donors to lunch, I lost reading time there.
  4. I didn’t fly anywhere on an airplane in 2016. Strange to list this as a factor, but usually I can get 1-2 books done on a trip depending on length because of the captive time.

I think *fingers crossed* that I’m going to make it for this year. But I doubt that I’ll ever be back to a year with 100+ titles again. I’m already thinking 70 or 75 for next year’s total goal. I’ll likely exceed that, but it takes the pressure off. Reading is supposed to be fun, not a race to meet a number.

Stay tuned for what I decide 2017 will actually be.

Q2 Reading Stats: Stacie’s numbers

read-all-the-books-memeQ2 numbers

  • Books: 23 / 45
  • Pages: 9,501 / 17,268
  • Hours: 204 (ish) / 288 (ish)

The quarter included three audio books that pushed the numbers up dramatically, including the May Reading challenge book. Everything — Pages, hours, book count — it seems is bigger this quarter. Officially, I’m seven books away from my pseudo reading goal of 52 books. I’m tracking to finish around 90 books for the year. This easily could be a year to top 100 again.

The nice thing about the audio books increase is that it means I’m doing other things too, typically coloring or walking. Both are good for me and audio books are a nice way to keep reading part of my life and time too.

Reading Stats: Q1

I feel like I’ve hardly been reading this quarter, but the stats prove otherwise:a

  • Books:  22
  • Pages:  7,767
  • Audio logged:  84 hours, 6 minutes
  • Average pages per book:  353 pages

Some would say that I’m double-dipping on the audio logged metric since I’m including those books in the pages count, but I say that they are two different metric (pay attention, Bethany).  Audio logged gives me a good feeling for hour many hours I’ve spent listening to books while doing double duty like coloring, cleaning, exercising, etc.  Page count allows me to calculate pages per book, which indicates how many short or long books I’m reading.  Trust me on this one.  Types of books fall into specific lengths and this helps me determine if my number of books is artificially inflated because I read lots of cozies versus thrillers versus fat books.

I also started tracking format this year.  I’ve been curious about this one for a while:

  • Paper:  5
  • eBook:  8
  • Audio:  11

Those stats are probably the best indicator of why I felt like I didn’t read much – most of it was audio which was combined with other activities.  Did I mention that I like to color?

Reading Stats: 2015


Reading in 2015 was an interesting experience for sure. I branched into some books that I hadn’t expected, and actually stopped reading several books (none of those are part of this list. This Nerd only counts completely read books, not abandoned books. Nor does this Nerd mean to imply that the other Nerd does said things. Although, she doesn’t count pages for audio book which is quite odd. Who knows what other sorts of shenanigans happen on that reading list.)

2015 reading concluded with the following stats:

  • 79 titles, of which 7 were non-fiction and 15 were re-reads
  • 57 books were found within a series, 22 were considered stand alone
  • The shortest book was 83 pages and the longest was 994, with the average length being 372
  • Most months saw five or more titles completed, while two had 10.

In all, it was another excellent reading year.

This year, the goal is the same as the last, to only read 52 books, which then begs the question, if I read more than 52 books, did I fail or succeed?

2015 Reading Stats

Compared to 2013 and 2014, 2015 was a bad reading year for total books.

The grand finale number was 76, a whopping 25 less than reading_challenge_banner-5af93c1b99dcf21294acf388c6dcea52last year and 32 less than in 2013. My goal was 75, so I made that (just barely) but that counts!

Included in this is 122.75 hours of audio book listening. This is my first year for tracking audio books by hours, so I don’t know if that’s high or low or average for me. I still did about one audio book a month, so I suspect it’s fairly normal.

Wedding planning was a giant time suck and a major factor in the reduced number of books. It’s also lower because I’m not sitting alone on the weekends reading to fill up the time.

My goal for 2016 is 80 books.

I think that’s really do-able. First, I’m not spending my entire January reading one Russian masterpiece. Also, I’m really going to hope that I’m not sick with salmonella in November either, which wiped me out for a week-plus of reading (and pretty much anything else).

So far, one book down… 79 more to go!

Book Stats: Quarter 3

September was a huge reading month for me.  I blew past my lose goal of 1 book a week.

Stats:  (Month / Year to Date)

Books:  10 / 58

Pages:  4,496 / 22,079

I’m tracking to finish around 77 books this year.  If I keep going like September, it will be closer to 100 than 3/4 of 100.

September included a re-read of the Potter series.  Five of the seven titles made their appearance in the month.  Potter is a favorite of mine and I needed to read something that gives me warm fuzzies by the end of the series.  I’m also in the mood to re-read the Outlander series, and a few classic novels as well.  Maybe the 2016 goal will be to include re-visiting old favorites.  Actually, A Wrinkle in Time sounds good too.  Hmmmm…I could be on to something here.

Top 10 Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

This great topic was The Broke and the Bookish’s Top 10 Tuesday post this week and it’s a great one.

The top answer is for me is probably Ann M. Martin and the Babysitters Club from when I was a kid, but I’ve learned as an adult that those were ghost-written so maybe that doesn’t count!

I didn’t actually count these titles up, but I know these are the top, or close to it. I did my best to think of the authors where I’ve read their entire backlist or at least have gotten to most of them (and plan to read the rest.)

  1. Michael Connelly. 27 books to his name and it’ll be 28 this fall with the new one. I don’t miss a new one, whether it’s Harry Bosch or Mickey Haler.
  2. Lee Child. 19 Jack Reacher books and counting.
  3. Jim Butcher. 16 Dresden Files, two Codex Aleras and the first Cinder Spires book in the works. And I’ll keep reading.
  4. Rachel Caine. Six Weather Warden books. However many of the Morganville Vampires there are.
  5. Jasper Fforde. 7 Thursday Next books, two Nursery Crime books, Shades of Grey, and the first Dragonslayer book.
  6. Laurell K. Hamilton. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit this one given where her books went. Before the Anita Blake series became mostly erotica, I was a fan and read them all (some more than once).
  7. Rob Thurman. I own all the Cal and Niko books though I haven’t quite read them all, plus the Stefan books, plus All Seeing Eye.
  8. Jacqueline Carey. All nine Terre D’Ange books, plus the first Agents of Hel book and the two Santa Olivia books.
  9. Robin Hobb. Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Trilogy, Tawny Man trilogy, and on deck, is the new Fitz and Fool trilogy, plus a couple of the Rainwilds books.
  10. Steven Brust. 14 Vlad Taltos novels, plus his Firefly fanfic, plus the Khaaveran Romance cycle is perpetually in my TBR pile.

The Truth about the TBR, Part 2

Just over a year ago, I took a hard look at my TBR and realized with horror that I had gone overboard on freebie books.  My Kindle held just over 175; Goodreads had between 70 and 75; the dark corners of the library are scary places where books reproduce with the speed of bunnies.

I made it a reading goal this year to work on reducing the Kindle file and get rid of the freebies and to pull books off my Goodreads list when I was looking for the next read instead of hitting up friends for a new title.  Here’s the results:


  • 2014: 176
  • 2015: 120
  • Result:  Yes!  Progress


  • 2014:  75
  • 2015:  60 (cos the 11 books in my currently reading list DON’T COUNT!)
  • Results:  Woohoo!  More progress!

Dark corners of my house:

  • 2014:  Unconquerable divide
  • 2015:  Inconceivable that you’d expect me to check
  • Results:  Two out of three isn’t bad

Fortunately, I found this handy measurement devise at Read, Breathe, Relax:  How Out of Control is your TBR?  I’m dangerously close to Critical Mass.Critical-Mass

At 200 books, I would consider evaluating your friendships because you’ve got some SERIOUS enablers in your life. Ignore all future “OMG, this sequel (<–Goodreads link) is coming out next year)!!!!!!” emails. Unfriend and unfollow this person. They are causing undue strain on your TBR. But, let’s get real. At this stage, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Wait, no, that’s not right. IT’S THOSE SEXY BOOKS THAT ARE TO BLAME. If it wasn’t for those alluring covers and enticing descriptions, we’d be fine. We’d be able to resist all temptation. Right??

I only have a couple of enablers, actually.  I do a really good job of enabling myself.  But if I can get rid of that Kindle list, (and continue to ignore the dark corners) I’m at 60 books!  That’s just over the green line and the start of the yellow.  I can totally control that!

How’s your TBR looking?