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Put the lime in the coconut…



Grammatical Dickens


Get it right, Chuck. C’mon…

Dating Grammar

The folks over at Grammarly did some research about how bad spelling and/or typos on online dating profiles can lower your chance for love.

Back before this Nerd was hitched and tried the online thing, chronically poor typing/grammar in an online profile was an automatic pass. (Truth, there were lots of other things about online dating that I passed on and found love IRL, thanks to match-making friends.)

But, if you’re still seeking the one to give your candy hearts to this year, maybe take a red pen to that online profile and make sure your words sparkle.

Valentine's Day Grammar 2016 Infographic

Inedible homework

inedible homework

Some things are just hard to stomach.

Decorating with grammar

apostopheht to author Larry Sweazy for first posting this on FB. See the url in the cartoon for actual publication credit.

English is hard


ht to Jessica, via Facebook for this one.

Move over, Elves

subordinate Claus


(via Book Week Scotland)