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Cookbooks and rules

Of late, a lot of my reading has been cookbooks and new recipes along with the rules to new board games.

The hubby is seriously looking at going vegan and GenCon was two weeks ago, so we’re eating new foods and playing new games.

Even though it’s still August, on the food front, we’re doing a lot of soups and stew type things. I’m not ready to tackle cooking tofu yet, but we’ve made a lot of good other dishes.


Vegetable Curry Marrakesh

white bean soup

White Bean and Spinach Soup

vegan waffle

Vegan Blueberry Waffle

On the game front, we’re doing ok too.



Santorini is a 2-4 player game but really shines with two. Think of like like 3D tic-tac-toe but the board is 6×6 (I think). We’ve only played a couple times, but I definitely want to keep working on this one.

He also got the Marvel Legendary card game.


Marvel Legendary

This was the original sorting-out-all-the-cards bit. We’ve played twice and won twice, so that’s awesome.


Mayor of Failure

too many books.

Etymology + Physics


This must be true, right?

Vacation Reading List and Other Priorities

It’s official, I have too many potential books to read for my upcoming vacation and now I don’t know which to read.

I’d read the whole time except I get to meet this fluffy-face while I’m away.


This is my new dog-brother, Reggie, and I’m sure playing with puppy might actually beat out reading books.

Vader Cat

vader cat

Vader Cat finds your lack of reading disturbing.



All coffee is not created equal, according to this Huffington Post article showing the amount of caffeine per fluid ounce.