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All coffee is not created equal, according to this Huffington Post article showing the amount of caffeine per fluid ounce.

Pi Day!

pi day


Caffeine needs

dst coffee

This second day is always like a kick in the pants. Especially tough after being awakened in the middle of the night by… wait for it… a snoring cat.

Go forth and “thing”

once upon a time

One Word Nerd is studying her brains out. The other of us is trying to stay on top of a mounting pile of deadlines.

Inspiration, my dear Watson


Yep, the Fate of the Part-Time Bachelor sounds like a winner to me.

Reading recipes

I’ve been reading a ton of recipes lately, so much so that I wonder if I can add the recipe-boxAmerica’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution book to my book list.

I got a delayed start on it, but I did want for the new year to make more real food for our lunches and pack fewer frozen dinners.

So far, I’ve made it three weeks, though I’m finding that one crockpot of soup is only lasting for about three days for both of us.

Yesterday, I made three things: 1) Curried chickpea soup; 2) Chicken enchilada soup; and 3) ground turkey ragout.

Two out of three were winners, but I think the ragout recipe will end up in the recycle bin. It’s two primary ingredients were tomatoes and white wine, and that’s pretty much all I can taste.

I’ve got more new recipes on deck for the next weekend. Here’s hoping that reading is better!

A portrait of Dory in gray


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