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Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Title:  Yes Please download.jpg
AuthorAmy Poehler

Genre: Non-fiction

Length: 329

Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  Oshkosh Public Library

Plot Basics: Yes Please is Amy Poehler’s story of her career and life philosophy.  She shares anecdotes from her first 40ish years and how they shaped the woman we see on the screen.

Banter Points:  I picked up this book because, in the past, I had a very loud, very large voice saying uncomplimentary things about women like Poehler. I realized it wasn’t my own opinion and that I didn’t know enough to form any sort of opinion. It was available on audio when I was looking for a book.

I love when coincidence works out.

Poehler shares her life in a way that made me think about choices I’ve made. Did I agree or did I disagree? was the question most often in my mind as I read. Not, wow, I wouldn’t do that. Ever. Or, wow, I’m so on board with that. Always. I can’t pinpoint what it is about her writing style that made it a thoughtful space for consideration, rather than a space where I judged my actions and choices against hers.

In reading between the lines, I’d bet that Poehler has experience with recovery and learning to accept people, rather than judge them. Creating written space with this sort of awareness is challenging, and she nails it.

Also, the audio is read by Poehler and a few guests. Loved this.

Bummer Points:  None.

Stacie’s Recommendation:  Loved this book.  Depending on how the year goes, it’s a top ten consideration.  Reading it impacted me strongly as a reader, and fit into my reading goals for the year which is to read books that are going to challenge my world view.

Go Away

I have no idea what sort of “Take over the world” type plotting was going on, but clearly I am not welcome at it.

Carry on, kitties. Carry on.


Bethany and I have about a 5 hour drive between us. However, if we were in the same city, I imagine many Friday or Saturday plans would result in this scenario.

Actually, a couple of our real life get together plans have gone this way, albeit not at the last minute. It’s not a stretch at all!

Trend Setting

Seniors slide.

Vacation brain.

Calling off work to read a book should be a thing too.

Weekend Plans

My list has all of those things, plus homework.

It’s the plan for most weekends. Why change perfection?

National Reading Day

May all of your books be returned in the condition they were loaned.

Missing a friend

I’m having one of those moments where I really want to re-read the Potter books because they are old friends that I miss.

But I also want to find another book series that sticks with me in the same way, becomes real, offering both entertainment and insight for years to come.

This is equally the best and worst parts about being a reader.

2016 Reading Stats

My 2016 reading year resulted in some fun stats:

  • Books read:  88
  • Average per month:  7
  • Page count:  33,995
  • Average per month:  2,833
  • Total author count:  42
  • New to me authors:  20
  • Most books read by a single author: Darynda Jones for 8 books in her Grim Reaper series
  • Number of authors read once:  26

In 2017, I want to branch out and read more “new to me” type books, which was part of the development for January’s Challenge to read a life changing book.  I firmly believe that when one reads (or listens) to stories that are different than our own, we change our lives too.  I don’t have a number of books goal, but I do want the books to be thoughtful choices that will help me get outside my comfort zone of reading.

Bethany’s 2016 review is something to check out too, in case you missed it during the holidays.

December Reading Challenge

The December 2016 reading challenge was to read a debut novel published in 2016. This one was staged deliberately to give us maximum time, and thanks to Bethany’s keen scoping, we had titles picked out in no time.

caughtBethany’s Pick:I picked the young adult “Don’t Get Caught,” by Kurt Dinan. I got to meet Kurt a few years back, and I always like getting to read books by people I know. Don’t Get Caught was a really clever and charming YA heist novel. The Prank War to end all Prank Wars has come to Asheville High School and boring Max Cobb is one of a handful of students invited to join the legendary Chaos Club. As they spend the year playing pranks (or seeking revenge), the group of unlikely friends learns how to stick up for each other and what they believe in. This was a great Reading Challenge Pick and I hope this group of pranksters in back in a sequel.


Stacie’s Pick:  I live near the hometown of Harry Houdini which made “Mrs. Houdini” by mrshoudiniVictoria Kelly an easy choice. The story flips between the beginning and the ending of Houdini’s life, and revolves around unwrapping the mysterious communications that he promised his wife post-mortem. The flash backs and forwards made sense in context of the story. Most troubling, I was bored. My interest peaked at page 194, when the mystery seemed to gather some velocity. Before that, the story was primarily concerned with how the Houdini’s became Harry Houdini, and his wife’s every decreasing role in his life.  This was a miss for me, and it it hadn’t been for the Reading Challenge I wouldn’t have made it to the end and unraveled how Harry did indeed communicate with his wife after his death.