I was in San Francisco for the past few days for the Association of Fundraising Professionals annual conference.

As I was planning to go, I checked the weather and the forecast for the time I was there was perfect — mid 70s, sunshine. Suddenly, I was wondering how many sessions were too many to skip (I was a good kid, I promise) and what I could manage to get to while there.

Here is the conversation that went through my head:

Me: I wonder if I can get to Golden Gate park and hike around.

Me: No, you can’t do that. That got blown up.

Me: <pause>

Me: Wait. No. That was in a book. That was fictional.

Me: This is a new low.

So — a shout out to Chris Holm and the beginning of “Red Right Hand” for writing a scene so vivid that a year later or so, I was convinced for a minute that it really had gotten blown up. (Technically, he blew up the bridge itself… )

It’s good to know it’s still there.

golden gate


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