Book Banter: The Shadowed Sun

shadowed-sunTitle: The Shadowed Sun (The Dreamblood #2)

Author: N. K. Jemisin

Length: 492 pages

Genre: fantasy

Plot Basics: Ten years have passed since the end of “The Killing Moon,” and the once-powerful city of Gujaareh is still under the rule of the Kisuati. Wanahomen, the exiled Prince, is working to regain his city but it will take all the political manueverings with nobles, the army and the magical Hetawa to do so. But, for Hanani, a Sharer left with Wanahomen as a hostage, the conquest will also try her faith as a magical, dreaming plague presents a new danger.

Banter Points: As good at The Killing Moon was, for once, a sequel definitely surpassed the original. Wanahomen and Hanani — the two protagonists — were much more relate-able as characters. Also, the plot had  a brisker pace than the first one.

Bummer Points: There are no more books in this series yet. Jemisin says she has more ideas, but nothing sounds like it’s on the horizon for this series.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Definitely worth reading both.


2 thoughts on “Book Banter: The Shadowed Sun

  1. Jay says:

    Jemisin is an author that keeps getting recommended to me. You have made me think that perhaps it’s time to finally follow the recommendation. 🙂

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