Four Weeks to go

Back in September or October, I cheerily posted that I was taking a professional development opportunity at work and planned to sit for the Licensed Broker Exam which gives me street credit in my industry and cool initials after my name.

The exam is in four weeks and my brain is fried.

This exam is beyond hard, with an average passing rate of less than 10%. Most test takers sit twice for it, or even three times. Life has been hectic too, filled with the normal things, plus the unplanned things that mean more to accomplish.  I’m feeling ill-prepared after this weekend’s studying session.

Fortunately, I have four more weeks, a study group and several years worth of practice exams to work from. I also have several friends cheering me on from the sidelines, offering moral support and a willingness to bring food.

Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be thankful for the first Tuesday in April. The exam will be done, and I’ll be sweating the results. And planning to retake it in October (statistically, it’s a higher likelihood to fail than pass. I do believe in miracles.)


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