January 2017 Reading Challenge Report Card

The challenge for January was to read a book to change the year. Here’s how we did with the challenge.

beatenotcover_copyBethany: I read Walter Wangerin Jr.’s “Beate Not the Poore Desk.” Wangerin, a National Book Award winner, finally has penned a book about writing. I’m currently not writing and I was hoping that his advice would get things going again.

Wangerin’s book was lovely. It starts with big picture advice about writing — how art is communication and his take on the ethical and moral obligations writers have to tell the truth — and then it turns to the more practical advice. Write, revise, share, etc.

It was a nice little tome. However, it’s unlikely it’s going to change my year. I’m still not writing. Does that mean this challenge is a success or a failure?

Stacie:  The Broken Way by Ann Voskampbroken-way

I selected this book based on a couple of friends who read it and loved the long, deeply reflective thoughts of what it is like to be broken, and how it changes a person. It d
oes have it’s basis in Christianity, Scripture and spiritual life, which is an area of my life that I’ve decided to develop with conscious effort this year.

I purchased this book as it was on sale in either November or December via Kindle. I wish I had gotten a hard copy. I’m enjoying the deep thought provoking nature of this book, but personally, reading on paper versus a device affects the experience. I read way too fast on a device, and have a 85% comprehension level. With paper, I’d likely be jotting notes, underlining and highlighting, making this book a joint effort after all of my personalization.

I’m about half way through, and am considering starting over with a papercopy so I can do just that.

I strongly recommend this book if you are looking for something that will provide insight into how events that could break someone turn into the events that transform them. It’s a very personal story Voskamp is telling, and one that I’m glad to be part of.


One thought on “January 2017 Reading Challenge Report Card

  1. Bob Patterson says:

    Sounds good. I want to follow up, secure the book. Hopefully I will not let the plan

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