Book Banter: Death and Relaxation

relazTitle: Death and Relaxation (Ordinary Magic #1)

Author: Devon Monk

Length: 320 pages

Genre: Urban fantasy

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Delaney Reed is the police chief of Ordinary, Oregon, which is anything but. The quaint town is really home to vampires, werewolves and the like and serves as the vacation hub for the gods, who in return for some R&R, give up their powers while they are there. Delaney and her police officer sisters (it’s a family biz) are among the only ones who know. But when things start getting blown up right before the town’s Rhubarb Festival AND Norse-god Heimdall seems to have been murdered, Delaney’s got more weird on her hands than she might be able to handle.

Banter Points: This book was a lot of fun. I’ve read a bit of Devon Monk in the past and I just happened on this one in the Wowbrary list and I’m glad I read it.

I really liked how she balanced the supernatural elements. I could see how she was using the characters and their interactions to convey information, but it never felt heavy-handed or like an info-dump.

Bummer Points: The end felt a tad disjointed from the rest. I will keep reading the series because I’m curious what she does in books 2 and 3 with what she seemed to be trying to set up.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Fun start to a series; worth reading if you like lighter-hearted urban fantasy.


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