Book Banter: For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

Title:  For the Lovebookbg.jpg
Author:  Jen Hatmaker

Genre:  Non-fiction

Length: 224

Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  Personal Collection

Plot Basics:  Hatmaker pulls together life experiences into an entertaining book where the reader learns why “For the Love” is her catch phrase.

Banter Points:  I picked this up because I had heard from a pair of friends about how good this book was. I definitely had laugh out loud moments, especially during the Thank you chapters.

I appreciated how Hatmaker’s spiritual life comes through in the book without over powering the book. It’s the sort of balance that I find in the pair of friend who recommended it too. Faith in this manner isn’t something that I’m used to, and it was refreshing to experience.

The candor about her 40s and what it’s like to have white privilege is something that I personally have been thinking about and facing too. I turn 40 next month. I have privileges afford to me because I’m white and others withheld because I’m a woman. I want this to be part of my conversation with friends and loved ones going forward.

For the love, we need to talk about this stuff!

Bummer Points: I was disappointed by the end of this book. I felt the way I almost always do when reading non-fiction based on a message or theme. It starts out strong, funny and witty even. By the end, I’m laughing but I’m not sure what the theme is anymore. Hatmaker had a huge following online (check out her Facebook page sometime) and loads of people adored this book. Me? Eh. It was okay.

Stacie’s Recommendation:  : If any of the Banter Points appealed, give it a go. Or if you read this type of book usually, try it out. But if neither of those are true, give it a pass. Hatmaker’s voice is fantastic, and I may try another title. This one just didn’t work for me.


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