Book Banter: Death Warmed Over

deathTitle: Death Warmed Over (Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. #1)

Author: Kevin J. Anderson

Length: 296 pages

Genre: urban fantasy

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Being a zombie isn’t stopping PI Dan Chambeaux from continuing to solve cases — including his own murder. He’s one of the few working cases for the unnatural community, the vampires, ghosts, witches, zombies and more that came to life in the Big Uneasy. He’s got plenty to keep him busy — from a mummy seeking emancipation from a museum to a vampire seeking protection — all while trying to work the cold cases that left him a zombie and his girlfriend a ghost.

Banter Points: I read a short story from this series in the “Shadowed Souls” anthology and thought it was hilarious, so I gave the first book in the series in a try. I’m always looking for a good urban fantasy/PI/mystery series.

Bummer Points: Anderson isn’t a mystery writer. He’s got a zillion books to his name, but the good ones are the space opera. Shamble has too many cases and not enough that holds them together. The ending, while not totally predictable, was still not enough of a twist to leave me excited.

Word Nerd Recommendation: It’s unlikely that I’m going to keep going with the series. There are just too many other good books out there…

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