Welcome to 2017

Last year, mid-January, I was introduced to the concept of Word of the Year, in place of New Year’s resolutions.  The idea is that a single word guides your year, giving you freedom for goals to flex and change as Life happens.

My word last year shifted throughout the seasons, as my own Life curved and veered wildly. I enjoyed watching it shift and move. I found that the word in January (Salvation) gave way to February’s (Loved) in ways that delighted me.

I hadn’t much thought about picking a word for 2017 until 11:30-ish on New Year’s event, after I had crawled into bed and was catching up on Facebook group news. The topic was being discussed and I realized my lack of prep.

Prep was barely needed. I quickly was am to settle on a word: Tenacious.

I need this word going into 2017. I have goals that I want to achieve for my career, finances, and creative streak that could be easily derail if I am not careful in my pursuit of them. Life happens and gets in the way of plans. Plans aren’t necessarily the important part since they are the means rather than the end. The end is what I will be tenacious in my pursuit of.

One of my tenacious pursuits is reading in ways that I typically don’t. Bethany and I have the 2017 Reading Challenge ready. January’s title is to read a book that can change your life. Think “Who Moved my Cheese?” What book having you been meaning to read that would change your perspective? Maybe a memoir or nonfiction book about someone with a wildly different background than what you grew up with. Or perhaps, a book that will help you understand yourself better.

Today’s pursuit is for my creative goals and work goals. I’m working on a coloring picture, implementing techniques I’ve been watching on YouTube, and building my own skill (rather than admiring someone else’s). I’m also caught up on my homework for the licensing I’m studying for. I’m going to get ahead and start on the next two chapters that are due for next week, rather than waiting for the last minute.



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