2016: Best Discovered Author

Welcome to the Word Nerds 2016 Award Season!

In-The-WoodsBethany: Our first winner this year from me is Tana French!

I picked up her first Dublin Murder Squad book back in the spring and was blown away with the caliber of both the characters and the mystery. She explores flawed characters so well it’s a little frightening. (Wow, are her protagonists flawed…) It seems like a lot of writers can do one or the other, but not both. I read her second one, “The Likeness” during the year as well and am planning reading more during 2017!

8167001Stacie’s Pick: My pick is Mark Tufo, the author of the Zombie Fallout Series. Mark’s main character, a survivalist nut named Mike, had me laughing out loud at the aftermath of a zombie uprising. The whole premise of the novel is one that shouldn’t be funny yet manages to be, using humor effectively to break tension and navigate the stresses of Life-After-Zombie. I read the second book in the series a while back, and still find myself wondering if they are happy and safe. Considering that the series has at least six titles in it, I assume it will be a while before safe is an option.


One thought on “2016: Best Discovered Author

  1. Lavinia Huffman says:

    The 10th Zombie Fallout book came out in January 2017. I really enjoy Mark Tufo books. I started with Zombie Fallout. I love the sarcastic wit of the main character, Michael Talbot. The influenza pandemic of 2010 which started with the H1N1 virus & thus the vaccine that was developed too quickly without the proper amount of testing killed thousands. Then the vaccinated dead began to rise, zombies. The books have many great characters as well as many that you are grateful that die. Out of heartache & headaches heroes are born. The books are about Michael and his family, friends and, all to quickly, enemies. Yes, the description of the zombies & some humans is disgusting. Yes, things are gruesome. But, goodness is found in unexpected places. The challenges are many, but hope is found …. and then, the zombies eat it. The character, Michael Talbot, goes to anther dimension in Mark’s “Indian Hill” series which deals with alien invasion. Some of the character’s are the same but in different roles. Mark Tufo, great mind, scrambled, but great.

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