Book Banter: Shadowed Souls

shadowTitle: Shadowed Souls

Author: Jim Butcher and Kerri Hughes, eds.

Length: 338 pages

Genre: fantasy short story anthology

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: This collection of short stories from many of the reigning authors of fantasy/urban fantasy all center on good guys doing shady things… or shady people doing things for a good end. It’s a little gray. You get the idea.

Banter Points: I put this on my hold list, hoping it would come in for the November Reading Challenge. Alas, it wasn’t there in time, but it was still worth the read. As expected, the Dresden Files story was the best, with the Rob Thurman Cal Leandros story running a close second. The unexpected delight was Kevin J. Anderson’s Dan Shamble zombie PI story. I didn’t know about this character or these books and found myself laughing aloud. I enjoyed that one so much that the hubby and I checked out the first one on audiobook for listening to during holiday travel.

Bummer Points: So… when taken all together, all these urban fantasy characters are really messed up. I mean, I knew that, but they are a special breed when you look at a bunch of them in close proximity. Also, demons. Lots of demons. I was glad I saved the Dresden Files story for last because it was NOT those things.

Word Nerd Recommendation: If I hadn’t needed more titles to finish out my 2016 total books goal, I might have skipped everything but the Dresden and Cal Leandros stories. I would have missed out some others thought. Pick it up if some of your favorites in the collection and you might discover a new one too.


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