2016 Reading Goals

I’m on my last reading challenge book for the year and then I have to get through one additional title to make my goal for the year. reading-goals

I set 80 as my goal for 2016 and it’s been a push especially here at the end to make it.

I thought 80 would be achievable since I got through 75 books last year while planning a wedding. Surely, I thought, five more would not be that challenging.

Yeah. Ha.

Several things changed:

  1. We commute together so even though my commute was already short, it cut out a chunk of audiobook time.
  2. In the evenings, there’s this other person to do things with. This is not a bad thing in the slightest, but it was just a reality that while I knew, I didn’t know. 
  3. I read during my lunch hours at work and with increased job responsibilities and more times of needing to take donors to lunch, I lost reading time there.
  4. I didn’t fly anywhere on an airplane in 2016. Strange to list this as a factor, but usually I can get 1-2 books done on a trip depending on length because of the captive time.

I think *fingers crossed* that I’m going to make it for this year. But I doubt that I’ll ever be back to a year with 100+ titles again. I’m already thinking 70 or 75 for next year’s total goal. I’ll likely exceed that, but it takes the pressure off. Reading is supposed to be fun, not a race to meet a number.

Stay tuned for what I decide 2017 will actually be.


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