Words are ringing

I was going to blog today, but my capacity for coherent thought is still suffering from the post-ear-drum-rattling loudness of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

This wasn’t the performance we saw, but if you wonder what a live show is like, this is accurate.

It’s a spectacle, that’s for sure.

I won tickets, let’s be clear. The Christmas part was fun and then when they started playing the rest  of their catalogue (yeah, who knew?), my capacity for enjoyment went downhill sharply. If they were going for making the audience think they were in hell during Carmina Burana, they succeeded.

Their musicianship really is pretty good, I recognize that, especially among their singers. If several of them gave up screaming rock and roll, they could do amazing vocal work (two of the guys to me were Broadway musical caliber sounds).

Apparently, this Word Nerd discovered where her limits are for guitar shredding and it’s less than whole a TSO concert. It’s an experience, but one I won’t be repeating.


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