November (and October) Reading Challenge Report Card

We could have titled this the “Tale of Two DNFs” as each Word Nerd struggled with one of these months’ challenge.

October: Read a spooky book

Bethany: This was my DNF. I just wasn’t in the mood for a spooky book. We were doing one for book club and I needed the space in my life to not attend that meeting and thereby, not read that book.

8167001.jpgStacie:  I read my first zombie book this month, Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo.  I picked this one up at the urging of my significant other, figuring I needed to give his recommendation a chance AND it fit the reading challenge.  It was a really fun read (although the zombie descriptions are exactly why I usually don’t read this sort of book.)  The post-apocalyptic world of Mike and Tracy, and their band of survivors are a survivalist’s dream of preparation and understanding of how to cope with a crisis.  Mike is level headed and rational in this world filled with zombies.  He’s the sort of guy that I’d want on my side.  He is rather fond of dad-jokes and tangents that have little or nothing to do with the circumstances but it’s his charm that kept me going when the zombie grossness was too much.

November: Read a collection of short stories, either all by one author or an anthology from many.

Bethany: I picked the very excellent “In an Uncharted Country” by Clifford Garstang. Garstang won the 2015 Eugene & Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award Emerging Author. I’d read his other collection, “What the Zhang Boys Knew” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Uncharted Country wove together several sets of characters in the same small town, moving them forward over years. In each, the new country was primarily new emotional territory for the characters to traverse. The stories were solid, pictures of life, with an impact that lingers beyond the reading.

Stacie: DNF.  Did not start really.  I just couldn’t find a collection that I wanted to read.


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