Counting Down to Thanksgiving

I’m on holiday from books and coloring lately because of the class I’m taking. this week, I’m pausing that too and focusing on Thanksgiving.

I am really excited to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever.  I’ve got everything planned and ready to start.  as I pulled everything together, I wanted to include things that are musts for Thanksgiving for my guests.  Turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, are somewhat of a given for me.  a few other things like stuffing, Apple crisp and gravy were added to the list too.

Outside of the food side of Thanksgiving, I love the planning aspect. The journey to the day is added some meaningful to me as the day itself. The anticipation of annual traditions along with spending time away from the day to day routines that we all get caught up in is what makes this holiday my favorite.

Here’s to a great Thanksgiving.


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