Book Banter: The Wrong Side of Goodbye

wrong-sideTitle: The Wrong Side of Goodbye

Author: Michael Connelly

Length: 380 pages

Genre: mystery

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Harry Bosch is now a PI in Los Angeles. One of LA’s elite businessmen calls Bosch for a specific investigation — find out if he has any heirs before he dies. Meanwhile, Bosch still freelances for the small San Fernando Police Department because he can’t stop being a cop. A string of serial rapes taxes the department’s know-how and Bosch is determine to catch the bad guy.

Banter Points: Connelly delivers yet again. After 20-some Bosch books, it seems like it would be difficult to keep things fresh and yet the cases are compelling as ever with twists that make the pages fly by. The twist at the end of one of the cases reminded me of a Perry Mason episode where the bad guy is suddenly revealed to be no one you expected. It was a fun resolution.

Bummer Points: This has a slow beginning and I wasn’t sure I liked it for the first 100 pages or so. Also, Mickey Haller (of the Lincoln Lawyer series) shows up and he and Bosch have a goofy habit in this one of calling each other “broheim.” No where in 20 books of Bosch does anything set him up for a word like “broheim” coming out of his mouth. Totally out of character.

Word Nerd Recommendation: After the slow start, this is another whiz-bang entry in the Bosch canon.



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