Missing Murder and Mayhem

Sad face — this Word Nerd won’t be at Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee this year. (At least, the other half of this duo will be.)

It was a tough decision.

These murder mystery book writing people — they are my people.

Unfortunately, life hit one of those stretches where I have to be a responsible adult. The dryer repair, which may turn into a new dryer and heck, let’s get the matching washer while we’re at it. The pending chimney rebuild on my 89-year-old house. Christmas is coming up too .

I realize this litany makes it all sounds like my decision is about money, but really, it’s about time. I can’t do these things while I’m away. And one weekend is making a big difference right now in my ability to adult.

But it’s a huge bummer to the reader/writer in me.

Every year, I discover new authors whose work I enjoy. Every year, the Word Nerds get to make new friends and reconnect with writers we’ve known now for years.

So — for those of you attending, have a blast. Be safe. Tell funny jokes. Be the awesome tribe of people you are.

I’ll be back.

And hopefully next year, I’ll once again be able to tumble dry my laundry.



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