Studying Nerd

I promise, not every post is going to be about the studies I’m undertaking to become a Licensed Customs Broker, but seriously, it’s too good not to share.

At one point in my life I really wanted to become a lawyer. Now, twenty some years later, I know that my first year of college self had no idea what I was thinking or practically speaking, what a lawyer does outside of what one sees in movies and John Grisham novels. This study course however, has me diving into the Code of Federal Regulations, reading tantalizing bits like this:

19 CFR 101.1 Definitons:

Entry or withdrawal for consumption. “Entry or withdrawal for consumption” means entry for consumption or withdrawal from warehouse for consumption.

It’s like reading Charles Dickens who got paid per word (I just may be the only English Lit major with a hatred for Charles Dickens) only in the legal world everything needs to be defined unless someone slightly misunderstand your intent.

And it’s not pay per word serials that rule the day but billable hours.

See that English Lit degree can pay off.

See also, stack of study material that is now my non-working life:


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