Book Banter: Last Breath

last-breathTitle: Last Breath (Morganville Vampires #11)

Author: Rachel Caine

Length: 332 pages

Genre: YA vampires

Where Bethany’s copy came from: IndyPL digital collection

Plot Basics: Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael are trying to bridge the gap between vampires and humans thanks to Eve and Michael’s engagement. The vampires are trying to force the two to not marry. But in the midst of that tension, a new threat arises for both the humans and vampires that threatens Morganville’s very existence.

Banter Points: I really liked the first six Morganville books, then found 7-10 to slump, but Caine introduced a new Big Bad in this one, which makes me excited for the rest of the series. The thing that keeps me going in these books is that they have villains and this new one is great. My defense for this series has always been that the vampires are still scary, still bad guys — no sparkles, no de-fanged love interest. Even when Caine tips into the Michael/Eve romance, there is danger there.

Bummer Points: Caine did a bit of head-hopping in #10 and well full-on with it in this one. Since the series didn’t start this way, I find it a bit jarring now, but this is one of my irksome areas as a reader and doesn’t bother every reader.

Word Nerd Recommendation: If you want to tackle a whole series, go for it. Or start at #7.


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