Book Banter: Red Right Hand

redrightTitle: Red Right Hand

Author: Chris Holm

Genre: suspense

Length: ~350 pages

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: ARC from the author

Plot Basics: A terrorist attack in San Francisco accidentally leads to video of a long-thought-dead witness against a major crime syndicate. In the fallout from the attack, the crime syndicate thinks its the best time to scoop up their rat. The FBI is caught up in the investigation, but Special Agent Charlie Thompson wants to put her old case to rest. So she calls her only resource – Michael Hendricks, the hitman who only kills other hitmen – to try to get to the witness first. He’s pretty sure this witness could help carry out the vendetta he’s got against organized crime too, for killing his former partner.

Banter Points: If Chris Holms’ Google search history for writing this book didn’t put him on a government watch list, they aren’t doing their jobs. Terrorists. Bombs. Multiple federal agencies. Islamic extremism. Organized crime. Assassins. (Ok, this blog now has me on the the list too…)

More to the point, he manages to combine all these things, any one of which is a good novel plot, into one cohesive story. It doesn’t feel forced either as the characters move back and forth between mob hitters and the aftermath of terrorism. The action starts at the beginning and doesn’t let go until the end.

Bummer Points: I wanted to see more interaction between Hendricks and Charlie. Charlie helped things get started in this book but sort of got sidelined for a chunk. Her story did have resolution that fit. I like her and wanted her to be more front-and-center.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Read it. Even better, read the first one and THEN read this one, but really, this one does stand on its own well as a very tight thriller.


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