New to the House

Last weekend, I plunged into adopting a cat from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. I’ve been thinking about it since January / February of this year, committed to a change in March that made me figure out when it made sense to adopt. The circumstances started with a change in activity level with my resident cat, and my desire to have him play with a feline companion, rather than me. (His idea of playing includes pouncing on me from hiding spots, usually as I’m walking up the steps in my house. Ankles are his favorite.)

The Oshkosh Area Humane Society was my first choice for adopting a cat. They have a great program with committed volunteers and staff. I’ve heard wonderful things about them over the years I’ve lived in Oshkosh, and I wanted one of their pets.

On August 13th, I went to their facility to look around, ask questions about adoption requirements, acclimating my current cat, and in general, find out the stuff I needed to know in order to adopt a cat.

I planned on getting a cat with interesting colors or markings. I found this guy whose boasts of tiger stripes, and after spending some time with him in his room, felt that his personality would match my current cat. My cat pair are named Lucky (the Black Cat, born on Halloween) and Jynx (the Striped Cat, born about a year earlier). My boys are delighted because we have a panther and a tiger living with us now. The 13yo boy also thinks that if we get one more cat, it’s name should be Charms. (Note: Under strong advise from my fellow Word Nerd, I would need another adult living in the house, otherwise I’ve slipped into an adult to cat ratio that places me in the crazy cat lady realm. Two cats is the max, I say.)

The first couple of days have been really good. They’ve had supervised play as Jynx acclimated to the house quickly. They have started figuring out who has what territory in the house. They figured out how to be in the same room together (most of the time.)  Overall, Jynx has been a good addition to the household.


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