Holiday Scheduling

I’m a little odd about holidays. I’m really against the consumerism that is produced by many of the traditional holidays, and frustrated by expectations associated with some of them.

I’m at a point in my life where I’m saying “no” more often than I ever have been. This includes the types of things I will and will not celebrate going forward. I love the idea of picking out a holiday or two that enhances my life.

With that, there have been 3(!) celebrations in August that I need to add to my life, rather than being surprised by them at the last minute.

  • National Coloring Book Day: Occurs on August 2. I’m pretty good about coloring every few days, however, this one needs some vacation time from work, along with new pencils or a new book. Then a coloring spot and a full day for coloring. I can see throwing a coloring party too. Oh, the possibilities!
  • National S’mores Day: Occurs on August 10. Celebrating with a bon fire, friends and some s’mores sounds like the perfect tradition to add to my annual holiday celebrations.
  • National Book Lover’s Day: Occurs on August 9. While I like this one tremendously, I’m not sure it’s making the celebrating list. I’m a heavy library user. Perhaps I should make it a day to purge books and share the love by filling up my local little libraries.

Traditional holidays that I’m keeping:

  • Christmas, minus the consumerism
  • Birthdays for friends and family members
  • Thanksgiving
  • Anniversaries of significant life events

There’s a website devoted to the concept of Celebrating Every Day in some way. If you have the stamina, check out National Day Calendar.  I can see using this as a way to break the “boredom” that happens at my house. Need something to do, but nothing sound fun? Check out what the day offers to celebrate and figure out an activity that encompasses that. Think of the silliness!


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