Book Banter: Peter and the Starcatchers

starcatcherTruth, I was ready to start this post and then remembered that I’d read it already, and probably Book Bantered in in the past. Lo and behold: Here’s my post from 2005 (!) when Word Nerds was a solo act.

My review from eleven years ago (wow, also, I’ve been doing this that long???) stands pretty much as is. This time, I listened to this book, as read by the exceptionally talented Jim Dale. I didn’t notice Peter’s disappearance from the ending chapters quite as much as in print.

While Jim Dale is a MASTER at voices, it seems like he has one set. It was a little distracting that when I heard certain voices, I instantly thought, “Oh, Cornelius Fudge!” or “Oh! Remus Lupin!” and had to learn who that voice was for this series.

If you’re headed on a car trip with slightly older kids, I’d highly recommend this as an audiobook pick.


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