When I bought my house six years ago, there was really one room that sold me on it. Just off the living room, through a set of French doors, is a den.

Technically, it has a rinky-dinky little closet so the house could be listed as a 3BR, but it’s clear that the closet was an add-on. It was never a true bedroom, but an office.

When I moved in, the room looked like this:

It looked like that for a LONG time. Never quite the room I was imagining, but it was functional. I thought about painting it yellow, but since I’m in there mostly in the early morning, every shade of yellow/gold looked suspiciously the shade of cat puke at 6 a.m. in artificial light. So it stayed beige and I wrote a lot in there.

When it was time to move the almost-husband’s things into the house, we flipped the giant desk the other direction and made it almost like a partner desk. His computer on one side, mine on the other. And we bought a rug.

And then I found these (note the edge of the area rug too): shelves

And then a friend had some leftover samples of paint from when they repainted their new house. We’d already picked up some swatches and one of their samples was nearly identical to the shade we were considering.

Enter the weekend of turning the room from “money beige,” the color the entire house was painted when I bought it (and still is in 60% of the rooms) to “dolphin fin.” Yes, it was totally the wrong order with the bookshelves… should have done those second!


putting it back together

With everything back in, most of the books, artwork, and the requisite pile of novel-writing papers, this room is now the way I always envisioned it in my head.

Displaying IMG_1614.JPG


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