Book Banter: Harry Bosch – Books 4 – 6 by Michael Connelly


  • The Last Coyote
  • Trunk Music
  • Angels Flight

Page Count: About 350 to 400 each

Author: Michael Connelly

Plot Basics:

  • The Last Coyote: Bosch is on leave but unable to put behind his detective work. He takes advantage of the time to work on a cold case – the murder of his mother.
  • Trunk Music: Bosch leaves his normal territory as he investigates a murder that appears to be related to organized crime. Something about the case seems off immediately when the Organized Crime unit of the LAPD doesn’t want the case, leaving Bosch and his team in charge.
  • Angels Flight: The LAPD is constantly in the spotlight as a corrupt and incompetent police force; and the death of its largest — and most profitable critic — could ignite the City of Angels.

Banter Points: I decided to review these as one set because I have basically the same thing to say about all of them.

Bosch in the books rates closer to 10 on a 1-10 scale for level of Jerk than he does in the TV series. Since the TV series covers three or four books in 10-45 minute episodes, Bosch as a character would likely be a turn off for the viewer since he would have to be a jerk more often than not to match what I see in the books. In the books, he is a rough-edge cop, that is close to the end of his patience for the department politics and non-police work “stuff” that goes into being a detective.

The LAPD faces a ton of criticisim in the press during the time frame of the books, and Connelly adds this dimension to the storyline. It isn’t just about solving the murder, it’s also about understanding how to get something accomplished when the consequences — right or wrong — impact more then who committed the crime. Bosch just wants to do his job, and this is the kind of stuff that stops him from being able to do it. Fortunately, he is good at navigating it.

I know from being around the series that at some point Bosch does leave the force. I’m not sure when it happens, and am looking forward to reaching that point in the story line.

Bummer points: These books are popular and it creates wait time inbetween reading them since I am on hold at the Oshkosh Public Library.

Stacie’s Recommendation: Read them. This is a great series.


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