Book Banter: The Murdstone Trilogy

murdstoneTitle: The Murdstone Trilogy

Author: Mal Peet

Genre: Literary/genre

Pages: 310 pages

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Author Philip Murdstone’s career is doomed… unless he’s willing to write a blockbuster fantasy novel. When he happens upon just such a story, he’s willing to bargain everything to make it big. But, the question, of course, is what’s too high a price for success?

Banter Points: If you are a fantasy fan, this is a must-read. Also, if you’re thinking this feels like Faust, you’re right on too. The humor was dark and the send-up of fantasy tropes is spot on. Also, for anyone who has ever agonized over writing anything, Murdstone becomes relatable in his quest (even if fantasy novels aren’t your genre).

Bummer Points: Sadly, Mal Peet has died which means no more brilliant books like this one.

Also, the ending might leave you sort of wondering what happened in this magical realism romp, but if you’re enjoying it, just go with it.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Read it.


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