Team Mystic

Yes, I (Stacie) have fallen prey to the Pokémon Go world (Bethany won’t go near this phenom…)

The last few nights have found me wandering my neighborhood so I can hit the four Pokéstops and load up on whatever goodness I’m granted. I’m hatching eggs (that’s how I got Charmander, actually. Be jealous, it’s okay.)  I’m hitting my 10k step goal regularly.

I was in my teens when the first Pokémon games came out and loved the concept of hunting in the virtual world. Hunting in the real world involves identifying other players and pack – like mentality (launching multiple lures seems to be a good way to gets lots of players into a single space. Effective for people watching.)

So far I’ve seen a fair amount of different types of Pokémon and worked up to a collection of 40 in the week I’ve been playing. I haven’t been affected by the data issues nor am I at risk of running into cars or people (it’s easier than Facebook would have you believe.) I don’t have a favorite Pokémon yet, but the picture of this one perched on my leg is pretty good:


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