2016 Q2 Reading Stats

quartilesI realized Q2 is over, which means it’s time for some reading stats.

Total books: 24

Total pages: 5,584

Total hours audio: 37.5

April and May have been my two biggest months for books this year for total pages (April, 2075) and total books (May, 9). This also probably explains why my yard and flowerbeds are still such a disaster at this point of the summer because I clearly spent the spring reading.

I’m two books ahead for the total year than I was at this point last year (43 to 41), but I’m reading fewer pages (by about 1,000). I did reread a bunch of Nick Bantock books this spring which ups the total books count, but doesn’t do much for page count.

Goodreads says I’m 4 books ahead on my goal of 80 books for the year. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to exceed that by much more. I also hope I don’t fall behind with some longer books I’ve got on tap for this late summer.

Happy reading through Q3-Q4!



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