June Reading Challenge Report Card

June’s challenge was to read a book you’d bought for yourself or been given and just hadn’t read yet for some reason. The nerds have multiple books in that category, for sure. Here’s how we did:

maydayBethany: I picked “May Day,” the first of Jess Lourey’s Murder by Month series. I picked this one up at Bouchercon in 2009. Honestly, I picked this one for the June challenge because it was short. I’ve managed to get myself overloaded with books right now, but I didn’t want to skip this challenge. I lucked out. May Day was fun. It’s a nice light-hearted mystery that kept me turning pages. I know Lourey’s written a bunch of other things now and has a stand-along thriller coming out soon. I’m excited to read her latest to see how she’s progressed as a writer.

riversStacie: I chose “The Lady of the Rivers” by Philippa Gregory. I picked up this title a few years back at a library sale, and it went on the stack immediately.

This is the type of book that I used to read frequently but this go around made me realize that my reading tastes had changed. I had a hard time remembering all of the players between reading sessions. There were many reading sessions too as I kept setting the book down after an hour or so of reading. I didn’t have the interest I used to feel for the historic setting or the intricate plotting of court life during England’s various wars.

I’m going to release it at a little library in the next few days. Hopefully the next reader will appreciate it more than I did.


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