Re-Listen: The Dresden Files

The Dresden Files are one of my go-to favorite books to re-read. It’s like comfort food, in that I always know what to expect and enjoy the experience.

Like the other half of the Word Nerd team, and several Dresden fans I know personally, the delays in the release of Peace Talks have been frustrating. acknowledges that Butcher is still writing the novel, ergo we are waiting for a while yet…sigh.

For the fans, there also are RPGs, a new series, and comics to supplement the Dresden Files series. For those that need a new fix of Harry’s antics, can I suggest the audio version of the books?

Reading the books is awesome and builds a great picture in your head. For me, I’ve read them a few times and know the ins and outs of the story. I anticipate moments that I love or the tough spot Harry works himself out of. The interwoven stories and foreshadowing for a book that is two or three stories out is great. It makes me wonder how Butcher keeps track of the details, and appreciate why the length between books is long(er than I would like.)

Listening to the books has slowed me down and added a layer of meaning to the story. It makes the story better with narrator’s interpretation of the story as well. New lines have popped up, delightfully so.

As I listened this time too, I was better able to analyse the story instead of enjoying it.  One of my favorite parts is Harry’s own flawed personality.  Along with that is how Harry bends and flexes with the characters inside his world.  He doesn’t always have the answers.  Sometimes, he is the leader, sometimes not.  He is willing to step-up and do the right thing, which the readers is well aware of as it is on his tomb stone.

By listening, I’ve renewed my interest in Harry and the work here. I’m on Book Five, Death Masks, which includes my favorite bad guys, The Fallen. The unfortunately part is that I borrow these from my local library and their audio collection stop here.  I don’t know that I’ll continue with my re-read at this time since the TBR list grows daily.  Incorporating this into my reading when I pick up the series again will be my goal.



One thought on “Re-Listen: The Dresden Files

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    In strange twists of fate, I am also re-listening to the Dresden Files right now and am also on Death Masks. We did not plan this.

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