Book Banter: Hounded

houndedTitle: Hounded

Author: Kevin Hearne

Length: 7 CDs/8 hours

Genre: Urban fantasy

Where Bethany’s copy came from: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Atticus O’Sullivan runs an occult bookstore in Arizona,  but he also happens to be an ancient druid who’s got a powerful magic swords, powerful enemies, a smart-talking dog and a law firm of vampires and werewolves on retainer. When his age-old enemy decides it’s time to take the sword back, Atticus is going to have his hands full with fairies, old gods and witches to keep his sword and his secrets.

Banter Points:  The world the story is set in is kind of fun. Hearne builds on the same idea as Neil Gaiman in American Gods, that all those old gods are still around, though not usually mucking about in human affairs. Atticus has some cool magic that he’s perfected over centuries to keep him mostly under the radar. There’s some great banter, mostly between Atticus and his dog, Oberon, to whom he’s endowed the power of telepathy (more or less).

Bummer Points: It’s too bad when the dog is the best character.

I don’t know if this book would have struck me differently if I’d read it instead of listened to it. The reader did a great job, but it was so apparent to me listening where all the info dumps were. The books basically went intro character–>have them explain stuff–>action. Intro character–>explain stuff–>action. I would get bored during all the talking and then the action felt really disjointed to me. I suspect reading might have made it smoother, but I’m not sure.

Word Nerd Recommendation: One of my high school friends has this marked as his favorite series and I can see why. For me, it just didn’t click.


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