A Glorious Mess


I have fallen in love with the idea that I am a Glorious Mess.

Not a little one, or a so-so one.  Oh no. A Glorious One.  The kind that makes people pause and wonder if it was accidental or on purpose. The kind that makes one wonder if the mess is aware of the impact that the mess has on Life. The kind of Mess that makes people go, wow, I wish I was brave like that.

You see, last year I underwent a journey that I never imagine I’d undertake. I transformed my life, my house, my finances, my family. I spent a year really evaluating what I mean to myself and how I want to live life.

I want to be a Glorious Mess.

Anne Lamott is a hero of mine. I love the richness and boldness of her self-acceptance. Recovering alcoholic, divorced, single mom who knows and loves her faults. Elizabeth Gilbert and the self-discovery she shared in Eat, Pray, Love. Both of these women have passion and boldness for their lives.

Their books and words have carried me through my own path to accept that I’m a glorious mess. I don’t clean well. I love good food so I exercise. Brownies are important enough to have their own food group.  I’m a grown-up kindergarten student who needs naps, snacks, and coloring to make it through the week.

There’s always loads of things I should be doing…but I’m more excited about embracing the glorious mess that I know I am.

How are you a glorious mess? What do you do to free yourself from the “should be” way of life?


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