Book Banter: Blood Defense

blood defenseTitle: Blood Defense

Author: Marcia Clark

Genre: Legal/mystery

Length: 389 pages

Plot Basics: Defense attorney Samantha Brickman is interested in the murder case of actress Chloe Monahan and her roommate, just like the public, but she’s got an interest: If she can land the case, it might save her young practice and catapult her to the big leagues. But when she gets the case, it’s not the cut-and-dried case the police would have the public believe and Sam’s got to remember that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Banter Points: I had the rare opportunity to read the majority of this book in one sitting while on vacation. It held my interest and I liked how the case twisted. For reading it one sitting though, I did kind of hit a point where I just wanted it to be done.

Bummer Points: Going in, I didn’t realize this wasn’t her next Rachel Knight book and so I was really thrown by new characters at the beginning.

Word Nerd Recommendation: It’s ok, but I like Rachel Knight better. Another Marcia Clark fan I know said this one is her best one, so given the differences of opinion, it’s probably based on the reader.



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