Color Study


I finished my May Reading challenge book by listening to the audio version and coloring while listening. Since my soon-to-be-disclosed selection was about three times as long as most books, I’m short on my normal Book Banter fodder.

Instead, I offer a glimpse into where my creative side has been taking me: drawing.

I remember back to my pre-kid days and how much I loved drawing supplies, books, and doodling. It was as much of a passion as writing was back then. In the present day, the scales probably tip slightly more to coloring and drawing than writing, but it’s a close call.  I’ve been fortunate to add a person to my life that is an artist and understands things like blending, shading, and shadows. Bonus: he even gives pointers in a way that makes sense to the way I think and I’m improving my skills.

Understanding the creative side of my life has been a big win for me this year. I’ve unlocked words in my journal that have lead me to some personal essay writing along with a fictionalized accounting of life. I’ve discovered a passion for coloring that is leading me back to drawing and doodling.

This year has been pretty amazing for me. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What amazing in your life right now?


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