Summer Bucket List


I associate the start of summer with the end of the school year, which is just over a month away for my kids.  But I think I need to change that opinion. Summer is here (this week) in Wisconsin. At least, the summer work of lawn mowing, gardening, and yard maintenance is.  Therefore, the fun stuff should be too.

I am pretty excited about various summer activities that I have planned but some of the very best ones are the small things that just make it FUN.

Here’s my list of things that needs to happen this summer:

A picnic at the local park
A backyard star watching night
Bon fires with s’mores
Bike rides on a local trail
Sitting on the swing in the back yard
Reading books outside
Eating supper on the patio
Grilling burgers and other goodies
In season peaches and blueberries
The Downtown Farmers Market

Right now summer is my favorite season. In a few months, fall will be.  The first summer fun activities are starting up this weekend and will spill into the rest of summer.

What’s on you summer bucket list?


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